Software Partners

If you're an existing partner, that's great. You already know the value of using regulatory data from ChemADVISOR. To work with the api, follow these basic steps:


Browse through the information on the developer portal and be sure to look at the API reference at to see the calls available in our API. Our API contains, generally, the same content as our datafeed but it's organized differently. Our API was built using, the documentation is generated by the API implementation itself so the documentation does not get out of sync with the API. You won't be able to use the "Try it!" feature until you sign up for a free developer account.

Sign up

Sign up for a free developer sandbox account. All you will need to provide is some basic information including your name, company, and a valid email address. You will receive an email with your user name and password. The system is fully automated. You should receive the email in just a few minutes. Be sure to ready the license agreement. Developer accounts are intended to develop software (of course). The sandbox data simulates real data. SANDBOX DATA WAS DELIBERATELY ALTERED AND CANNOT BE USED FOR PRODUCTION.

Log in

Log into the developer portal to see your credentials. You can now use the "Try It!" feature of our live doc. You can also use a tool such as curl, or Postman to make calls to our API without writing a single line of code.


Build and test integration with the api. If you have a question, then you should take a look at our forum. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can post a question to the forum or send an email to support. Our support team is very knowledgeable and can answer many questions. They will forward questions that they cannot answer to the core development team. The core development team directly monitors the forum, so if you have question about code, then we encourage you to use the forum.


Customer installation. Each customer installation will need to have an application ID and secret keys(s). Your customer can apply for an account themselves, or you can contact your sales representative. Your sales representative can get a production account established for your customer.


Use the analytics page of the developer portal to monitor your apps usage of our api.


Scale up. If usage exceeds plan limits, the api will stop returning data and return an error response. You will need to contact your sales representative to have the plan upgraded.